Codec DevOps Solutions

Most companies understand that if they want to increase their competitiveness in today’s swiftly changing world, they can’t ignore digital transformation. DevOps provides a vital pathway for companies to achieve this goal.

Codec’s DevOps services introduces best practices, and new technologies to improve collaboration between business, development, and operations. Enhanced teamwork models, innovative process methodologies, results in higher quality, more innovative services, delivered faster.

Our continuous transformation approach integrates business requirements to track process, development, and operations in one ecosystem. It’s a breakthrough methodology that allows your entire organisation to keep innovating.


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DevOps will evolve from a niche to a mainstream strategy.

(Source: Gartner)


Companies using DevOps methodology are able to spend 29% more time on new work.

(Source: Forrester)


Companies using DevOps experience a 21% increase in collaboration between departments.

(Source: Vanson Bourne)