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2nd Jul 2018

Helping companies develop a dynamic DevOps structure

Published by: Mairead Browne

(Abstract: This article originally appeared in the Sunday Business Post on July 1, 2018) Codec knows a thing or two about improving processes. The company has been working with high-growth IT companies and large enterprises across all sectors for the past 33 years. Through its approach to DevOps – the practice of applying agile, architectural and operational best practices to software […]

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3rd Apr 2018

Codec’s DevOps expertise helps firms shift and optimise their cultures

Published by: Nathan Fulham

(Note: This news item is a summary of an article published in the Sunday Business Post on April 1, 2018) The term DevOps may seem mysterious at first, but its benefits tie in with any business’s digital transformation efforts. DevOp may be a term you’ve only heard about recently, but the concept has been around […]

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