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Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud based storage is really cost effective.  The buying power of the cloud providers means it will only get cheaper.  Codec can show you how to make it work with the infrastructure you already have.  You can keep frequently used data close to your users and move the less-used data to the cloud or to an archive.  Cloud based backups can help you protect against data loss and corruption but at a fraction of the cost than an on premise solution.  Cloud storage is not for every application but it does have some fantastic use cases.  Talk to Codec to find out more.

What can you do with a cloud based storage solution from Codec?

  • Hybrid Cloud Storage.  Make use of what you have and connect it to the cloud.
  • Cloud based data backups.  Introduce a cost effective tier to your disaster recovery plan.
  • SQL Server Strategy.  Achieve high availability with the benefits of cloud.  Make data accessible across the globe.
  • Test your disaster recovery plan without risking production.  Replicate your workloads to the cloud and test that you can recover.