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xRM is a business application layer that brings every element of a company together.

xRM is an extension of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, software used by businesses to integrate and track all aspects of the business such as sales, budgets, projections, scheduling and reports.

The xRM framework applications are built on and extended from Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM). xRM allows the customer to create specific applications suited to their business. It can be used to solve many problems that would otherwise go unanswered. Vast improvement in time efficiency and resources are notable with the incorporation of xRM.

What is used in xRM?

It is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM which provides platforms to increase all areas of a business. The skills used in implementing such a system require great team-work and communication between employees, clients and management.

Little help from outside IT professionals is needed once xRM is put in place as there is a reduced workload and increased collaboration between users. Everything is easily adjusted and rectified within the business.

Who uses xRM?

Many different companies use this. For users who currently use Microsoft Dynamics CRM this is a valuable service to go even further in benefiting your business operations. Large organisations with many clients and employees need an efficient structure to run successfully. It is about managing relationships appropriately, keeping up-to-date and modernised. Businesses reliant on marketing benefit from this as customer preferences and trends can be shown in data form to be analysed. The application adapts to the needs of the users improving business operations and efficiency.

What impact will xRM have on my business?

  • Productivity

    Automation will speed up work as computer technology can replace time and efforts of employees in performing mundane tasks such as data entry.

  • Privacy

    Vital information is secured through the Implementation of security devices.

  • Ease of Use

    For competent computer operators and those who have used MS tools before, xRM will pose no problem in difficulty level. You adapt Microsoft Dynamics CRM to suit your business and its users. You can search, record and edit smoothly with the easy in which the user interface works.

  • Structure

    All areas of your business can be viewed under the same application rather than by separate departments. This may include customer details, sales records, data input and many others.

  • Data Upgrade

    Existing information within a company’s database can be brought into the new computer system and updated.

  • Sales

    Due to the improvements in speed and quality in such aspects as marketing and e-commerce, successful campaigns can be developed based upon collective user data.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics xRM is a positive application for improvements all throughout your business. In this fast paced society we live in today, it is of great importance for an organisation to be as highly communicative and efficiently run as possible. Implementing xRM can only have a positive effect on the productivity of your company.