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Network Optimisation

Technology trends are coming at a rapid pace and challenging IT staff and other business decision makers in a dramatic way. Mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud, virtualization, network security, software defined networking (SDN), and IPv6 are not easy technologies to assimilate into networks.

Codec can help you with these undertakings with solutions, services, experience, and expertise.

Our partnerships with industry leading networking providers HP and Cisco can become a real advantage to your organisation.

How Will Network Optimisation Solutions Benefit My Organization?

Engaging with Codec for network optimization solutions can help:

  • Reduce application latency to remote end-users
  • Create multiple pathways to ensure application availability
  • Centralise the network environment
  • Decrease operating and management costs
  • Maximize bandwidth utilization
  • Postpone the need to upgrade WAN bandwidth
  • Improve disaster recovery position by speeding backup and data replication over the WAN