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Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g is a ‘one step platform’ for Business Intelligence and business success.

This unmatched business intelligence and analytics architecture integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies providing built-in database support for a wide range of databases. This OLAP BI Server is a unified, highly scalable system, providing a centralised business model view for all your business intelligence requirements. It is an advanced calculation and integration engine; with the ability to explore structured and unstructured data to provide business insight in real-time.

OBIEE 11g components allows for:

  • Ad-hoc query and analyses empowering business users to create new analyses from scratch or modify existing analyses without any help from IT.
  • Delivers reliable enterprise and financial reporting, providing rich, informative data for enhanced decision making.
  • Strategy and scorecard management with the added functionality of proactive alerts that can trigger workflows based on business events
  • Fully interactive dashboards with a variety of visualisations; including spatial intelligence, where users can view their analytics data using maps.
  • Through Microsoft Office integration; organisation can analyse data using the familiar user experience of Word, Excel and PowerPoint; enhancing the decision making process.

Compared to other products, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition offers mass access via Intranet, is scalable, is open standards based and deploys on all platforms


Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBI Apps)

OBI Applications are complete, prebuilt BI solutions that provide predefined data models and key performance indicators. These variables are presented to end users through predefined reports and dashboards which are customised to meet organisational / departmental requirements. This self-service BI significantly reduces report producing times.

These solutions enable organisations to gain greater insight and value from a wide variety of data sources/applications including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, and third party systems such as SAP.

The latest release of Oracle BI Apps, leverages the power of Oracle ETL Tool Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and, optionally, GoldenGate.

Furthermore, there are new Oracle BI Applications available with this release:

  • Oracle Student Information Analytics enabling academic institutions to monitor graduation rate, manage student financial transactions, and match up school resources with student needs more effectively.
  • Significantly expanded functional content across existing CRM and ERP Oracle BI Applications
  • Oracle Indirect Spend Planning

OBI Apps allow you to start simple by deploying in one department; and evolve your BI Strategy as your needs require.

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (Essbase)

 The Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite is the best-of-breed platform for business intelligence, on an architecturally integrated business intelligence foundation; made up of the following components:


This enabling technology (available for both custom and packaged business intelligence applications) helps to reduce total cost of ownership, optimise operations, deliver rapid performance while driving innovation and simplifying IT.

The BI Foundation Suite is a key supporting software for Oracle Exalytics, the first engineered system for in-memory analytics, delivering significantly faster BI and planning application performance.

Additionally, BIF leverages Oracle Real-Time Decisions, a platform that combines both rules and predictive analytics to power solutions for real-time enterprise decision management. It enables real-time intelligence to be drilled into any type of business process or customer interaction.

If you need more information on our Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email or call us on 01 603 4300.

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