Dynamics 365 Actions Hub

Feeling frustrated by having to go through numerous screens, click on multiple icons and wait for pages to load to execute a simple action, trigger a process or access a specific dashboard/view/record? We may have exactly what you need.

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Too many clicks? Save time and become more efficient by centralising and triggering your most relevant processes from a common area.

In today’s fast-paced and high-demanding work environments, it’s more important than ever to help employees and ultimately companies becoming more productive and efficient. With Dynamics 365 Actions Hub it is now possible to help system-users saving time and becoming more efficient by offering a centralised area that makes available the most used actions, workflows, forms and URLS’s.

What is included?


Define which actions, workflows, forms or URL’s you want to make available on the main landing page.

Configurable Parameters

Pass parameters to pre-defined processes (actions) and forms focusing on improving user-experience and productivity.

Landing Page

Configurable and dynamic landing page that centralises all the processes, form and URL’s organised by tabs and areas.

Configurable Tabs

Group actions, workflows, forms and URL’s based on configurable tabs and areas that are dynamically loaded on the main landing page.