Dynamics 365 Data Dictionary

Does your organisation need a comprehensive and uniform data repository documentation for all applications, regardless of platform? Codec Data Dictionary is a tool that can help you by keeping the track and documenting data-model changes made to the applications within your organisation.

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Need a data dictionary? Codec Data Dictionary allows organisations to track data-model changes and generate easy-to-read documentation for their applications.

Our solution helps business analysts, technical writers, developers, and DBA’s create data-model and metadata reports within seconds from systems like Microsoft SQL Server databases, Microsoft SharePoint websites, Microsoft Dynamics 365 instances and many more. With Codec Data Dictionary users can not only analyse and audit data structures but also create documentation based on projects, systems and data structures.

What is included?

Supported Systems

Store and analyse metadata and architectural information from systems like Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and more.

Qualification Processes

Create draft data-models based on business requirements, submit them for technical review and approval and share them information with different teams.

Quick Start

Configure connections to the different systems and create a comprehensive and up to date metadata repository in a matter of seconds!

Different Analysis

Create analysis and data-structures following bottom-up and top-down approaches depending on the granularity level of your analysis.