Dynamics 365 for Water Utilities (PURUS)

Our solution enables water utility companies with the consistent, well-structured system and data they need to quickly implement and manage processes using a set of powerful and innovative technologies.

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In recent times water demand has grown at twice the rate of the global population and factors such as climate change, growing migration flows and temporary limits to water supplies play an important role on how water resources are managed. Due to these new challenges, water utility companies are required to adapt and increase capacity to match demand. At the same time, competition, visibility to the public and awareness regarding water consumption, distribution and treatment is higher than ever. These factors add pressure on water utility companies to embrace innovative business solutions that help deliver a differentiated customer experience.

In Codec we understand the main responsibilities water utilities have and our goal is to help them with the tools and technologies that can differentiate them from the competition.

With this in mind we created Dynamics 365 for Water Utilities (PURUS), a modern and innovative system specifically designed to help water utility companies manage business processes related with:

  • Drinking Water;
  • Waste Water;
  • Compliance;
  • Regulation;
  • Customer Services.

Deriving value from large, diverse, and often fragmented data sets is difficult but our solution makes use of the most advanced Microsoft technologies available on the PowerPlatform such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/PowerApps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow. This suite of technologies simplifies the development, integration and analytical processes enabling customers with a standardised and uniform view of their data, making it easier to generate business value from it.

In summary, Dynamics 365 for Water Utilities enable companies with the tools and technologies that can differentiate them from the competition, helping to handle the tremendous amount of data associated with their business processes, delivering value internally across the different levels of the organisation and ultimately to their end-customers.

What is included?

Drinking Water and Waste Water Processes

Streamlined operational flows to manage processes related with Water Supply Zones, Agglomerations, Storm Water Overflows, Trade Effluent, Treatment Plants, Discharge Points, Environmental Reports, etc.

Sampling plans, site visits, audits, sludge removals, etc.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface to plan, schedule and monitor Sampling Plans, Site Visits, Audits, Sludge Removals, Investment Plans.

Improved regulatory compliance assessment

Powerful integrated solution to create, review and analyse Parametric Failures, Incidents, Complaints, Enforcement Actions and Risk and Impact Assessments.

Applications and New Connections

Manage the sales process from enquiry to quote and automate document generation to deliver a distinctive customer experience.

Manage Environmental Permits

Implement a comprehensive and efficient process to approve and renew environmental Authorisations, Licenses and Agreements.

Real-time communication and customer engagement

Automated alerts and notifications allowing teams to effectively communicate with Local Authorities, external service providers and end-customers.

Innovative Collaborative Platform

Improve efficiency and productivity by enabling teams with a unified way of working access to the same shared data source and an.

Detailed and Intelligent Insights

Comprehensive analytical platform that helps water utilities identifying possible issues and gaps and taking better business decisions.