Dynamics 365 Security Hub

This solution helps system administrators become more efficient and productive in the process of analysing and managing the Dynamics 365 security model through an interactive and intuitive visual interface.

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Too much information? Quickly analyse cumulative privileges and identify which system users and teams can represent a possible liability from a security perspective.

The association between System Users, Teams, Security Roles and Privileges enable Dynamics 365 system administrators with a very flexible structure to define a security model. However, sometimes this flexibility can also be a challenge from an administration perspective given that Dynamics 365 does not provide an easy way to check for cumulative privileges. With this solution that is no longer an issue!

What is included?

Cumulative Privileges

Enable system administrators with a visual interface to identify cumulative privileges assigned to both system users and teams and inconsistencies on the security model.

Centralised View

Centralise all security related tasks in one area allowing system administrators to quickly update and assign security roles to both system users and teams.

Advanced Filters

Definition of advanced filters based on real ‘what-if’ scenarios to quickly and effectively identify gaps and liabilities on the Dynamics 365 security model.

Report and Export

Quick access to key security related figures and ability to export the scenarios you identify in PDF format.