Microsoft SharePoint Hub Sites

SharePoint Hub Sites are powerful and provide lots of opportunity for showing content to your users. But maybe you want to choose what documents to show your users in a single view without having to create complex search queries or spend time adding tags to your files. Here is our solution…

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Centralised documents? Through a searchable view of files users can quickly find what they want without spending time on development, configuration or file tagging.

Putting your content together into a single view when its saved on multiple SharePoint Sites can be challenging, sometimes requiring users to spend time tagging files or configuring search queries. Our solution enables you to easily select from sites that are part of your Hub Site, and show the document libraries that you want to show. Simple yet powerful, no configuration or coding needed!

What is included?

Centralised View

Save time and improve productivity by enabling users with a centralised view of documents based on system configuration.

Consistent with O365

Designed using Microsoft’s recommended development framework so that it looks the same as other Office 365 experiences.

Modern Experience

Integrate with Modern Experience SharePoint Pages and add our Hub Site Doc Viewer to your Hub Sites.

Quick Find

Provide users with an integrated search box to filter files in real time to match user’s search criteria's.