Microsoft SharePoint Intelligent Wikis

Most organisations produce valuable content and knowledge every day, and many of them need a way to organise, maintain and manage this knowledge. With SharePoint Intelligent Wikis you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to change the way your organisation works and extend your own knowledge even further.

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Manage Wikis with AI? We have added artificial intelligence to our wikis so that video and web content is added to augment and extend your own knowledge content.

Keeping a knowledge base with updated content is extremely important for any organisation. However, it is extremely time-consuming and presenting them in a easy and user-friendly way can be quite challenging. Artificial Intelligence can help in many situations and in SharePoint Intelligent Wikis we are using it to provide an enhanced navigation while augmenting and extending your Wikis with videos and web content.

What is included?

Modern Experience

Integrate with Modern Experience SharePoint Pages and add our Intelligent Wikis to existing pages in SharePoint Online - create new pages just for Wikis!

Simplified Navigation

Menus are dynamically generated based on Wiki content, with headers and sub-headers. It is a simple and intuitive navigation system so users can easily navigate and contribute to Wikis.

Artificial Intelligence

Codec’s Intelligent Wikis are great for showing user generated local content, but also offer Web and Video content provided by integration with Microsoft’s AI platform.

Quick Start

Improve productivity and user-experience when creating and updating Wikis by simply clicking on a button.