Microsoft SharePoint Teams Approver

Want to get started with Teams, but are afraid of a control sprawl? With our Microsoft Teams Approver we can help you manage and govern the creation of Microsoft Teams in your organisation. Control the creation of Teams, ensure sensible growth of the application and monitor it properly.

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Want to create a Team? Give users the power to collaborate on Microsoft Teams enabling them to easily and quickly create new teams through approval processes and configurable Bots.

Do you want to control and monitor the creation of teams on Microsoft Teams and eventually even have an approval process around it? Or would you like to ensure your teams stick to a naming convention? By taking advantage of SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft’s Bot Service our solution enables users with an intuitive interface that makes this process simple while keeping your Microsoft Teams organised.

What is included?

Integration with O365

Our solution uses a combination of Office 365 apps and services, meaning its easy to integrate our solution to your Office 365.

Chat Bots and more

Enable a Chat Bot so your users can trigger processes by simply sending Instant Messages. Alternatively users can launch our app via Office 365 and SharePoint Online pages.

Configurable Processes

Enable processes so Teams can’t be created without your IT Admins approval. Or simply help your users to easily and efficiently create and configure new teams.

Intuitive Interface

Enable users with a simple and clean user-interface so that there’s no training needed – hit the ground running!