What are the best questions to ask your IT supplier?

What are the best questions to ask your IT supplier?

Published by: Tom Baker
Published date: 13th Jan 2016
Categories: IT Procurement

You may be happy – but could you be even happier?

There’s no harm in asking yourself this.  A quick quote request will determine who has the best price.
Is it your current supplier or is it someone else?
Get a junior IT member to do the price comparison, if you like.

How fast are they at getting back to you?

Nothing says I care more than a fast response time.  If they get back to you quickly with pricing it says a few things:

  • They know how to look for what you want.
  • They know the supplier/distribution base and how to ask for pricing.
  • Their suppliers in turn come back quickly because they know them well enough to want to support them.
  • If it’s the best price that quickly, then they know how to play the game.

Do they know how to ‘play the game’?

Buying and supplying is a game of bartering, competing, and clever manipulation. These are tricks of the trade that only a seasoned IT purchaser with a number of established connections will know. Test them!

Ask for bid pricing. 

On a Deal worth €20k plus from a main manufacturer, HP, Dell or otherwise they should be able to get supported discount pricing – and this should come out with the best price or pretty damn close to it.

Tell them your base line price/budget and ask for it.

If they haven’t beaten your price, try them again. Suppliers will ‘chance their arm’ at 6/7/8% margin on their first quote. Drive them down that couple of percent if you can, even if they are the best price (I can’t believe I just told you that). If you look at all your quotes you will know roughly what this base line price could be.

What are the Delivery times?

Ask them to give you ETA’s on all items. If someone can get back quickly and be truthful then you know they know what they are doing.

Do they have a good Product Knowledge?

Test their product knowledge. Ask them for recommendations when you know what the best choice is.  If they get close to your choice, you know they are good at what they do.
Ask them for a reference, even if it’s for a small quote. No one does this.  Ask them for a direct customer reference. If they can’t give you the name and number of a significant customer willing to testify to their capabilities then you are wasting your time with them.

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