Is your business ready for Life beyond Windows Server 2003?

Is your business ready for Life beyond Windows Server 2003?

Published by: Alexendra Stobbs
Published date: 16th Sep 2015

Recent news stories bring global attention to the risks faced by businesses in protecting their IT infrastructures and their business and customer data. While recent security breaches may not be directly related to a particular operating system, the stories (covered by The TelegraphWall Street Journal and CNN) provide evidence to the risks and costs of not investing in the security of your business. What is relevant in these stories to Windows Server 2003 EOS is that an operating system that is no longer updated or supported leaves your business open to great security risks. Data breaches impact productivity, costs related to fraud, and most important customer trust.

Windows Server 2003 may be gone but for you the opportunity to transform your business is just beginning.

WS2003 End of Support is a great opportunity for you to assess your infrastructure and make some key decisions that will future-proof your IT infrastructure and position your business to be the most competitive. You can use the EOS migration as an opportunity to:

  • Reduce your costs: consolidate hardware that is no longer in use, virtualize, take advantage of newer, more efficient systems to reduce the management costs that go along with managing low usage servers
  • Secure your business: without hot fixes, your infrastructure and your customer’s data is at risk to hackers
  • Increase your business agility: IT infrastructure that is easier to manage and allows your business to respond more quickly to changing business needs
  • Accelerate your IT innovation…leveraging the New Style of IT: invest in future technologies, such as cloud, that allow your customers to interact more efficiently and allows your employees and partners to be more productive

Leading up to July 14 we were warning customers about the risks that come with not migrating, but if you are like many businesses, the thought of taking this on or the associated costs may have seemed overwhelming. It is not a question of if you will need to migrate, but when you will need to take the leap. Why not now?

End of Support means your business will have lost multiple facets that result in risks and costs:

No Microsoft Updates: Microsoft support including patches, updates, and non-security fixes are no longer available.

No Security hotfixes: Regardless of how severe the problem may be—lack of hotfixes means exposure to additional cyber-security risks from hackers.

No Compliance: Windows 2003 R2 servers will no longer pass a compliance audit– means fines or being cut off from key partners that need to protect their own regulatory compliance status.

No Support: Microsoft is no longer a phone call away for technical support.

No 3rd Party support:  Microsoft, ISVs will be looking to make a break from supporting older versions of their software which carry significant overheads.

No IT Modernization: No new applications, no re-hosting, and no path to the hybrid cloud, virtualization or other IT innovations.

High cost custom support agreements (CSAs) – Fees for custom support agreements in the first year are usually in the range of $200K and can compound.

Escalating costs of maintaining older hardware that may be 5-7 years old—newer systems have more capacity, higher performance and are more efficient—so will save you money.

Codec-dss together with our technology partner, HP Make it Easier

Codec-dss in conjunction with HP are offering many different promotions to help you with your migration:

  • HP Flex Bundles – Pre-defined, turnkey flexible solutions – simple and affordable for those on a budget
  • HP Windows Server 2012 Reseller Option Kit (ROK) with up to €400 cash back when you buy ROK with and qualifying HP ProLiant
  • HP Financial Services – Free 90 Day Deferral, HP Server 0% Tech Refresh Offer, HP Server Trade In

Doing nothing is not an option due to the risks and costs of not migrating.

Get in touch today and let us help assess your needs and develop a migration plan that works for your business. 

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