Reasons to Love the HP Elite X2 1012

With so many hybrid devices coming in from all manufacturers, this year will be known as the “Year of the Hybrid”. The obvious and well known Microsoft Surface Pro 4 took the market by storm late last year, revolutionising the idea of what these Hybrids can do.

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7 ways you can improve your productivity with the new HP Elite x3

In recent years we have observed an incredible change in how people use technology in their everyday life. From our smartphones or wearable technology we can pay bills, collect payments, book taxis or plane...

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The Top 10 Benefits of using a Subscription model

As consumers, we're all familiar with the concept of subscribing to access products and/or services such as Spotify and Netflix by paying a small but regular monthly fee. For that fee, we get access to content and services that are...

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Speed Up your Wireless Network with Aruba Instant

As technology continues to evolve, and employees are becoming more mobile the number of wireless accessing the network is quickly growing. These devices need reliable and fast connectivity to deliver the reliable user...

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How can intelligent Wi-Fi impact on your business?

An independent research report by Lopez Research was carried out into the topic of Wi-Fi investments and how they can impact on your business. They produced an interesting on-demand webinar around this which can be viewed in full at any time here.

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The Facts about Flash

FLASH! It’s the hot topic of the hour. Except… it’s not actually that new (and definitely doesn’t run hot). Flash storage media or Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been around for many years, yet why all the hype? Why is every IT specialist so excited about Flash storage, calling it the “next big thing”?

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