Why OneNote Performs Incredibly well on the HP Elite X2 1012 Hybrid (as well as some other observations)

In our previous blog on the HP Elite X2 1012 (HP Elite X2 1012 – User Review: Superb - 9 out of 10!), our guest contributor Anthony Layng outlined the...

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HP Elite X2 1012 Review – Superb! 9 out of 10

We are delighted to bring you the first in a series of blogs around the HP Elite X2 1012 – the newest Hybrid from HP to have hit the market.  Our contributor for these blogs is Anthony Layng, a practicing solicitor with Kilroys Solicitors based in Dublin City...

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HP Elite X2 1012

With so many hybrid devices coming in from all manufacturers, this year will be known as the “Year of the Hybrid”. The obvious and well known Microsoft Surface Pro 4 took the market by storm late last year, revolutionising the idea of what these Hybrids can do. Not to be outdone, HP have...

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Searching for Servers to Serve a Small Business?

Choosing a server for your business can be just as confusing as choosing a new vehicle. Just as with shopping for a vehicle there are many different manufacturers to choose from and many aspects to consider from price and performance, to what additional...

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Delivering Business Agility With Infrastructure as Code

What is slowing your data center management? Too many process steps? Non-standard, manual tasks? Over-committed experts? An ever-expanding project backlog? Well… you are not alone!!! Today, siloed infrastructure and...

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