IT Procurement

What are the best questions to ask your IT supplier?

You may be happy – but could you be even happier? There’s no harm in asking yourself this.  A quick quote request will determine who has the best price. Is it your current supplier or is it someone else? Get a junior IT member to...

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Best Practices in IT Procurement

Generally speaking, IT procurement is carried out to acquire the best available IT products, solutions, and systems that can streamline business activity and boost operational efficiency. On the face of it, it sounds like a fairly...

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Top Challenges for IT Purchasing Managers

The responsibilities and job description of an IT purchasing manager is often misunderstood, to say the least. Most people, even in the corporate circle, believe that IT purchasing managers are responsible for performing activities and processes that...

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Do’s and Dont’s of Finding an IT Supplier

There are many factors to consider in choosing your IT supplier. Before you do, have a look at some do's and dont's of finding an appropiate supplier. Explore in more detail some of the top tips and strategies for finding an IT supplier to take care of your IT...

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