Codec – Microsoft Event 2017

Codec – Microsoft Event 2017

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 6th Oct 2017

Codec will be holding its annual Microsoft-focused event on November 2nd 2017. This event will involve Codec’s business partners talking about their experiences using Microsoft’s suite of products, and how these same products have helped transform their business processes.

Codec intend to provide a platform for businesses with like-minded concerns and aspirations to talk to one another, to learn, and to grow their knowledgebase so they can leverage and extract the maximum possible benefit from their arsenal of Microsoft software.

Codec believes the essence of networking is not us telling you what to do, but instead enabling our business partners to share their own stories that other businesses can relate to so that they can in turn enhance their business processes. It may sound a bit cheesy to suggest that we are all on a journey together but to a certain extent we are striving to achieve similar goals, and if the opportunity to find out how to get there faster, better, stronger is out there, then we’d be foolish not to tune in.

Codec is the current Microsoft country Partner of the year in Ireland, the current Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the yearand a gold certified Microsoft Partner across their full stack of solutions so we like to think that when it comes to Microsoft we have the range of both experience and expertise that can provide real actionable insights and take your business on a genuinely digitally transformative journey. Hear from those that have already started on that journey and get on board now!

The event will take place for a half day in the RDS Members Club in Ballsbridge. Please follow this link for directions to the venue. The agenda is below and we suggest you register as soon as possible to secure your place as there is a limited capacity at the venue,

So click the Register Here button below the agenda before it’s too late.

Microsoft Agenda.png