Codec at Summit EMEA to digest all things Dynamics 365

Codec at Summit EMEA to digest all things Dynamics 365

Published by: Brian Illand
Published date: 5th Apr 2017

By Brian Illand

A bunch of us has headed to Summit EMEA 2017 this week at the RAI Amsterdam. This summit provides Microsoft Dynamics users with exceptional education on how to maximise the performance of Microsoft Dynamics 365. No need to say, for us Dynamics experts, this is highly exciting, as we’re always looking to better our skills and discover further product opportunities for our customers.

Being a community-driven conference, Summit EMEA offers special access to Microsoft leadership and a diverse array of interactive training workshops led by experts and users. Mike Ehrengerg, Technical Fellow at Microsoft came to open the event with a keynote speech on high profile customers such as Real Madrid and Rolls Royce. Real Madrid use Dynamics 365 for Fan Relationship management! He gave some interesting background on the various uses of Dynamics 365  But he also focused on the benefits to move from on-premise to the cloud. With Azure, Microsoft are now in a unique position to deliver the next generation of business applications.

Increase your CRM IQ with Azure

The keynote focused on the 4 pillars of Dynamics 365 – Purpose Built Applications, Productivity, Intelligence and Adaptability. What I heard about Intelligence encouraged me to go to the next session, ‘Increase your CRM IQ with Azure’. The focus was on the new services Azure provides and gave some demos of how they can or could interact with Dynamics 365 use cases. We actually saw a demonstration of a CRM Web resource which took a photo of the user to verify against a CRM contact record photo – or a Facebook bot – to automatically create a case using PowerApps.

If you spin up an Azure instance, you can see all the Microsoft Cognitive Services in Azure. Most of these are still in preview mode (except for Bing services) and range from a custom speech service to Emotion API (can tell you of someone’s emotion in a picture). Text analytics is another great example: this service can create a tag cloud of words against a CRM record.

Most Influential Dynamics Communities

This event is hosted by AXUG, CRMUG, NAVUG, and PBIUG, the world’s most influential communities of Dynamics users, business leaders, IT professionals, developers, and partners.  In attending such an event, we all share a common goal: to maximize and advance the performance of our Dynamics customer investment.

For us Dynamics experts, it is an unmissable opportunity to learn from peers about digital transformation and Microsoft Dynamics 365. And it also gives us the opportunity to meet, mingle, brainstorm, and partner with others.

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