Here Comes The Dynamics 365 Authority!

Here Comes The Dynamics 365 Authority!

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Published date: 26th Jun 2017

This post was written by Shane Lilly – Shane is the Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Practice Lead at Codec-dss. A strategic consultant, he has worked on large scale Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Biztalk and .NET projects. He now leads a team of 50+ Dynamics 365 consultants.

Everyone has a story. Just as writers live to write stories for their readers, software developers live to write code for their users. But why could technical people not inspire others to learn, and share their knowledge by writing great posts? The Dynamics 365 Heroes are an authority in their field, and they want to share their knowledge, wisdom and imagination with all.

Programmers, developers, solution architects… we all do it: Google for an answer. The answer. Sometimes, our search takes us to some documentation that may help resolve the problem we have. But if we’re lucky, we’ll come across something much better: a great blog post!

Great technical blog posts are hidden gems though. They are hard to find simply because not enough of us, the technical kind, write them in the first place. It is an arduous task and, let’s be honest, it takes time we often don’t have.

Yet technical blogging is one of the best things we can do not only for ourselves, but also as members of the wider community of developers. And I believe this kind of  contribution is badly needed in this community.

Technical Knowledge and Business Wisdom

As more and more people are getting to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules – or other CRM, ERP, BI, Collaboration or Cloud applications that enable digital transformation – they will face the same challenges, whether they be technical or functional. Our team of seasoned Dynamics 365 experts have probably already come across those and will have a strong practical understanding, not only of what may cause them but also how to solve them.

We’re only going to get better at harnessing the technical obstacles and at working with Dynamics 365. So keeping a technical blog will be a great testimony of our professional growth as developers.

Our team here has gathered over the years an incredible wealth of experience and know-how. It is like a treasure chest – of technical knowledge and business wisdom. And we’ve decided to leave it wide open.