Delivering Business Agility With Infrastructure as Code

Delivering Business Agility With Infrastructure as Code

Published by: Pedro Morais
Published date: 1st Oct 2015
Categories: HP

What is slowing your data center management? Too many process steps? Non-standard, manual tasks? Over-committed experts? An ever-expanding project backlog?

Well… you are not alone!!!

Today, siloed infrastructure and management processes make it difficult for IT organizations to keep up with the demands of the business. Non-standard manual tasks; multiple hand-offs between server, storage, and network administrators; and incomplete process automation complicate IT service roll-outs and ongoing management. They can also lead to costly errors.

To address these issues, you need:

  • A converged management platform that unifies management of servers, storage, and network—breaking down the walls between infrastructure silos
  • Simple, software-defined process templates that allow connectivity, compute, and firmware settings to be programmed once and rolled out the same way every time
  • A platform that can be accessed programmatically through industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs) to exponentially accelerate the speed of management task execution

More and more companies today are moving toward continuous delivery of applications and services in pursuit of greater business agility. In order to achieve this agility, businesses and their ITs need fast, policy-based automation of applications and infrastructure across development, testing and deployment. They need to configure, deploy and operate applications in relation to infrastructure in a fast and fluid way. We call this idea, “infrastructure as code.”

The idea of infrastructure as code can dramatically lower configuration and operating costs, and reduce the time it takes to deliver services that are critical to business outcomes. Utilizing infrastructure as code allows your IT to automate how they build, deploy, and manage infrastructure allowing your infrastructure to become testable and repeatable.

HP ConvergedSystem infrastructure is increasingly being designed to participate in this infrastructure as code movement. Through our adoption of HP Composable Infrastructure and REST-based infrastructure APIs (enabling composability of physical infrastructure), your operation teams can automate configuration and provisioning of infrastructure through model-based templates. These templates allow you to capture how your infrastructure should be built, test it, and then deploy it out to your entire infrastructure with the push of a button (for an example of this in-action, check out this article).

HP Composable Infrastructure is ideal for composing and provisioning physical infrastructure, but it also extends programmability to the broader automation tool chain. HP templates allow you to integrate with other configuration management tools from companies such as Chef, Docker or Puppet Labs. By integrating HP OneView with these configuration management tools, you can keep your physical and virtual infrastructure automated, including the ability to easily update platforms with new firmware, drivers, and software.

HP Composable Infrastructure allows your IT to utilize infrastructure as code to deliver the fast, fluid, flexible digital capability you need to compete more effectively, and give your business the agility it needs to thrive.


HP envisions a new class of infrastructure to service both traditional IT and the New Style of  Business. This white paper, HP Composable Infrastructure – bridging IT with the new style of business describes the challenge of today’s IT organizations in moving forward, what HP Composable Infrastructure is, and what it can do for you.

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Moving to a composable infrastructure is an incremental, not all-or-nothing, process. Getting started with HP OneView, HP ConvergedSystem, HP BladeSystem, and adding HP’s Composable Infrastructure API (Unified API)  establishes a level of composability and infrastructure as code that can immediately begin reducing costs and increasing administrative efficiencies. Composable infrastructure’s ability to disaggregate and re-aggregate underlying blocks of infrastructure means the investments made today can be built upon in the future.

Start your journey to Infrastructure as Code with HP ONeView by clcicking on the video link below.

HP Composable Infrastructure is the future of server management.  Start your  journey  to Infrastructure as Code with HP OneView and click below to see how to get started.

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