Locking Down your Server Security

Locking Down your Server Security

Published by: Sinead Woods
Published date: 17th Oct 2017

New security levels for more complex environments and increased threats.

Security is a looming issue for businesses. The threat landscape is increasing, and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Emerging technologies like IoT, mobility, and hybrid IT environments open new business opportunities, but they also introduce new risk. Government regulations are another part of the security puzzle – failure to comply with regulations as set out with the European Union’s GDPR requirements will have a financial toll on organisations that are ill prepared.

Given the critical nature of these elements, it is not only important but essential to bring new levels of hardware protection to drive security as far as the supply chain level.

It’s fair to say that most organisations today are well informed on the multitude of security threats to their IT environment. Many however, see security as a software-led discussion and have taken steps to protecting their environments from cyber and other security attacks. However, many are not aware that the conversation needs to begin much lower, at the hardware level if businesses are truly interested in securing their IT environment.

Hardware-level security issues can create a large blind spot for organizations, as issues could hide for weeks, months, or years before being discovered, because most tools assume that hardware is secure.

The recent Mirai and Dyn global cyber attacks were gigabit-level DDoS attacks driven by IoT devices. These events highlight that attacks are starting to move down the stack, targeting firmware and hardware instead of the more watched application software and operating systems.

hardware attack image

Hardware is more difficult to protect, because it is traditionally isolated from security monitoring/intelligence. So how do you protect your systems and ensure your IT hardware is secure and protected from attack?

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