Why OneNote Performs Incredibly well on the HP Elite X2 1012 Hybrid (as well as some other observations)

Why OneNote Performs Incredibly well on the HP Elite X2 1012 Hybrid (as well as some other observations)

Published by: Anthony Layng
Published date: 24th Mar 2016
Categories: HP IT Hardware

In our previous blog on the HP Elite X2 1012 (HP Elite X2 1012 – User Review: Superb – 9 out of 10!), our guest contributor Anthony Layng outlined the many reasons why he loves the newest Hybrid from HP and why he believes that the tablet is one that should be in every solicitor’s and accountant’s office and in every corporate environment in Ireland.

In this blog, Anthony reviews the tablet specifically for use with Microsoft One Note and why it performs exceptionally well.

Given the increasing number of tablets and hybrids on the market, there is an increased need for users to take advantage of the superb Microsoft OneNote.  OneNote is more than a digital notebook allowing users to take notes wherever they go.  It’s better that Word from an information gathering and recording context.  OneNote allows you to take meeting notes on the go, share your meeting notes with other users.  It also allows you to take audio and even video recording whilst automatically saving and synchronizing your notes to OneDrive.

OneNote and OneDrive

Anthony uses OneNote extensively in his capacity as a lawyer and has found it to be a tool which has become invaluable to him in his day to day environment.  According to Anthony “I use OneNote and I sometimes record voice with client consent when taking instructions. There are dual internal microphones in the Elite with “noise reduction”. The clarity of voice recording is exceptional, elimination of background noise etc.) And far superior to its nearest competitor which has an occasional and mildly irritating electrical buzz. (It seems to be that it might be possible to use the internal microphones in the Elite for voice to text recognition.)

As for how the pen and how it performs on the Elite X2 it’s safe to say that it’s a great user experience.  ” The Wacom AES active pen and digital ink performs better, more smoothly and more fluidly for handwritten notes than the Surface N-Trig set up” according to Anthony.

The Elite X2 1012 comes with Windows 10 Pro.  There are many reasons why users are loving Windows 10 not least of which is the familiar user interface of Pre 8 versions.  Windows 10 Pro really suits the hybrid tablet device – it gives users the best of both worlds, embracing both familiarity and innovation while at the same time being familiar and not requiring learning any new techniques the way Windows 8 did.

Browser wise, Edge is less power consuming than Chrome.

I can talk about some technical issues, for example, removal of the SSD SATA based disk and replacement with an even higher speed  SSD PCIe M.2 but that extremely high read and write speed is only required for a few specialised tasks, not in routine office environment.  The point is, though, that it is possible to replace the SSD in an Elite, That’s not possible with a Surface. The battery can also be replaced.  If battery technology improves that may be important. In addition, batteries degrade with age, however carefully looked after charging wise. This gives the Elite a longer life expectancy and likely a much lower TCO.

I doubted that the HP Elite X2 could be better for my use than my previous tablet but I was wrong. I’m hugely impressed.

“HP has managed to design and manufacture a tablet/laptop hybrid which eliminates the compromises between both and gives the best of both worlds. Getting a top notch travel keyboard included as well as the Wacom AES active digital pen included is great value. I have no compared pricing against specification but with the HP Elite you get a rock solid device which you can trust in mission critical contexts”.

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About the Author

Anthony Layng is a practicing solicitor with Kilroy’s solicitors based in Dublin City Centre.  He holds a Law Degree from Trinity College Dublin, a Diploma in Employment Law and a Certificate in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law.