Codec Case Study

Cork City Council

Case Study

Cork City Council Mobile CRM Solution with Codec, Dynamics CRM and Resco

Company: Cork City Council
Industry: Public Service
Country: Ireland
Employees: 1400

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The Challenge

For Cork City Council, service request management has always existed and they have always responded to requests for services from the public. Over the past twenty years there has been a significant change in how service requests are managed & driven by the introduction of ICT as an enabler. Software and more recently hardware functionality and affordability have advanced dramatically especially over the past 5 years. Now there are feature rich commercial off the shelf software solutions available which can be matched to powerful user friendly hardware devices which are capable of fast wireless communication while outside the office. With this in mind, Cork City Council wished to implement a solution to allow the Councils Litter Wardens to record data related to a litter offence in a more technologically efficient manner.


Cork City Council is the authority responsible for local government in the city of Cork. The council is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, and environment. In understanding the business requirements for Cork City Council it is important to understand the Citizen Service Relationship Management (CSRM) incorporated by the council as a structured way of using ICT technology to deliver high quality services to citizens. This process includes:

* People – Citizens, Staff, Service Users

* Processes – Engineering, Administrative, On Site Works

* Technology – Software, Hardware, Databases, Communications

The Solution

Cork City Council´s Litter Fines system was being taken care of by the Council´s Litter Wardens through traditional paper and hand-written letter´s system. All of the information on the fines and law prosecution to the offender´s was then stored in a Microsoft Access database.

Cork City Council were looking for a solution which would allow the litter Warden to record data related to a litter offence such as:

* Litter fine reference number

* Litter CSR Number

* Garda Issued Fine Number

* Litter Fine Status

* Name and address of offender

* Litter Pollution Act, 1997 Offence Code

* Fine Amount

* The time, day, month and year the litter fine is issued

* The location of the litter offence

* Vehicle registration number (if recorded)

* Litter Fine Details

* Additional Comments

* Name of person who issued the litter fine

* Litter Wardens signature

* Attachments (Photos, Videos, Files etc)

Following an evaluation of the relative total costs of ownership and system functionality provided by each IT option available to Cork City Council to solve this problem, the council chose to work with Codec and our proposed solution to automate all of the process integrated in the current Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that Cork City Council were using for another system.

Codec proposed a solution in order to automate all of the processes integrated in the current Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that Cork City Council was using for another system. These processes included:

* Litter Fines

* Letters

* Payment details

The Results

The solution provided a set of entities to store and work with the Litter Fines, its offender information and all the information related to them, such as payments, letters sent, prosecutions, appeals, etc which Cork City Council were recording manually and storing in a MS Access Database.

The following is a summary of the complete proposed solution:

* Codec developed a set of Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities to store and work with the Litter Fines created by the Litter Wardens:

* Automated plugins and workflows provide an easy way of quickly reviewing the information of a Litter Fine´s current state. For instance, a plugin calculates and shows the total amount currently paid for a litter fine by an offender.

* Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013´s guided Business Processes provide a divided stage classification for every Litter Fine and Letter in order to easily move from one stage to the next one and trigger any processes related to each of the stages.

* A set of customized CRM Reports makes it easier to quickly prepare and print all the related letters and documents associated with the complete Litter Fine process by automatically completing the forms with the information of a given Litter Fine and its associated data.

* A custom web development provides and easier and quicker way for working with documents and attached files by allowing the user to browse them in a single window and the ability to print all of the files associated with a given record either individually or all at once.

* A Resco Mobile CRM solution is installed on mobile devices in order for the Litter Wardens to be able to work on the street as if they were on a desktop computer by allowing the ability to create Litter Fine records on the spot and attach and upload pictures and video right from the device. All the information stored on the system is easy to exploit by customized and ready to use views, reports and charts.