Failte Ireland – Embracing Change with Rapid Innovation through Power Apps

Fáilte Ireland – Embracing Change with Rapid Innovation through Power Apps

Case Study

Fáilte Ireland is the national tourism development authority in Ireland. Fáilte Ireland’s role is to guide and support sustainable growth in tourism earnings and employment. It provides consumer and competitor insights, mentoring, investment and trade supports across the business, event and leisure sectors to help secure sales growth from targeted overseas and domestic market segments. Working in partnership with tourism businesses, Local Government, the knowledge sector, State Agencies and Government Departments, it also seeks to foster a competitive and innovative enterprise base, a sensitively managed natural and built environment within tourism communities, and a public policy environment to meet the needs of visitors.

Company: Failte Ireland
Industry: Tourism
Country: Ireland
Employees: 450

Solution Featured

The Challenge

When Fáilte Ireland migrated to the cloud, it identified that legacy solutions on older platforms could be re-designed and optimised to maximise the range of applications available in Office 365. In particular, the HR function in Fáilte Ireland was reliant on an on-premise solution and needed modernisation and an improved user experience.

The impact of Covid-19 further increased the need to migrate internal, paper-based processes into Power Apps. They needed tools to enable the quick design, development and release of solutions and a process to support these requirements.

As well as addressing these challenges, Fáilte Ireland wanted a solution which would be central to meeting their other key objectives around:
• The re-design and migration of existing legacy solutions to Power Apps and improving them where possible
• Automating paper-based processes, enhancing the user experience
• Establishing a process to design, prototype, refine and release solutions quickly


Following a competitive tender process, Codec began work with Fáilte Ireland to architect and support the adoption of Office 365 and related technologies as part of their Digital Workplace Initiative. This involved the planning, migration, training and support of their initial migration from an on-premise infrastructure to Office 365.

Fáilte Ireland implemented Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online as their communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage and application integration. During the discovery phase and via the Digital Workplace Champions program, Codec identified solutions residing in SharePoint 2010 and other processes that could be candidates for usage of Power Apps.

With the Digital Workplace initiative completed, Fáilte Ireland are maximising the productivity and business benefits of Office 365 and Power Apps. Paper Based activity and other business critical processes are now being automated and migrated to Power Apps.

The Solution

Power Apps was a natural choice for Digital Innovation for Fáilte as it offers unparalleled agility around design, development and release. Leveraging a low or no code platform to empower business users is key to enabling the creation of solutions quickly. But delivering the solutions is only part of the challenge! Codec collaborated with Fáilte Ireland to establish a process to:
• Discover the needs and expectations of the business to ensure they get the best possible solutions
• Rapidly prototype and gather feedback on these solutions
• Release and continue to optimise based on users’ feedback

The Results

The flexibility of Power Apps has enabled Fáilte Ireland to:

• Rapidly prototype, release and improve mobile and desktop apps
• Implement a governance plan for using Power Apps at scale
• Digitise and improve existing paper-based processes
• Deliver a great user experience that’s common across all the solutions
• Quickly migrate and modernise legacy solutions such as forms based on SharePoint 2010 and workflow solutions
• Adapt quickly to a rapidly changing work environment presented by Covid-19

Using Power Apps for the HR department, Fáilte Ireland have enabled an auditable digital sign-off process for existing paper-based processes. This has allowed Human Resources to continue to process and manage applications for a range of services such as:

• Maternity Leave
• Parental Leave
• Paternity Leave and their Shorter Working Year option

Power Apps has optimised and automated elements of the process to enable quicker turnaround times for applicants and a streamlined approval process, whilst saving the requirement to print, post, scan and repeat.

The next step in the Digital Workplace initiative is to empower users within the organisation to deliver Power Apps solutions directly. This will be driven through a local “hackathon” which will empower those users with the necessary tools and training to use Power Apps in the future.

““I have been hugely proud of how the Fáilte Ireland team have responded to this crisis and I know we can only respond with such speed and quality when our agency and supplier partners respond with us so I would like to thank you and your team for standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we try to do what little we can to help in these extraordinary times. Every little will help. In particular I would like to thank you for your continued support and the excellent work on helping us deliver on our Digital Workplace initiative over the last 18 months. It has been critical during this time in order to continue operating as close to normal as possible.” ”
Paul Kelly, Failte Ireland - CEO