How XLVets Ireland Implemented Microsoft Office 365 Technologies to Improve User Experience & Increase Productivity

How XLVets Ireland Implemented Microsoft Office 365 Technologies & Increased Productivity

Case Study

XLVets Ireland is a network of independently owned veterinary practices, encompassing over 190 veterinarians, 100 veterinary nurses, a further 160 support team members, serving 17% of the Irish market for veterinary products and services. XLVets members are part of a successful global community of veterinary networks in the UK, New Zealand and Canada. By providing a model that supports collaborative working, members have the opportunity to share ideas and learn new skills beyond their regional and country boundaries.

Company: XLVets Ireland
Industry: Veterinary
Country: Ireland
Employees: 10

The Challenge

XLVets & XLVets Skillnet needed a reliable technology solution that would allow them to centralise information, create a repository of knowledge, deliver bespoke training programs and networking opportunities for its members.


XLVets Ireland is a network of 55 independently owned veterinary practices, built by members, for members. Success is from smart, focused, value driving works, closely collaborating and delivering strong commercial benefits, sound organisational processes and support to members. A training subsidiary of XLVets is XLVets Skillnet, a business support agency of Skillnet Ireland, responsible for advancing the competitiveness, productivity and innovation of Irish businesses through enterprise-led workforce development.

In addition, with the growth in member companies, they needed to build a company-wide intranet that would give members the ability to closely collaborate and share information in order to deliver strong commercial benefits to members.

There was also a requirement for XLVets Skillnet to be able to quickly and effectively invoice the end user for a course, produce end user certificates for completion of training programs and to have an automated digital filing solution.

The Solution

XLVets partnered with Codec to deliver a full stack Microsoft solution to allow collaboration between the practices.

XLVets implemented Office 365 initially followed by an Intranet site, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms and Power Automate.

Codec worked with the XLVets team to streamline existing paper-based processes to a more automated system whilst providing the security and structures around their intranet sites. All documentation was migrated to SharePoint and made available to committees.

Microsoft Teams was implemented as the platform for the delivery of all training programmes.

The Codec solution also incorporated a system built using MS Power Automate that allows XLVets to automatically generate invoices and email them to their customer.

In addition, the solution implemented incorporates a system for XLVets that automatically generates training certificates and emails these to their customers also built using MS Power Automate.

The Results

Implementing Microsoft Power Automate has resulted in several benefits for XLVets across the member practices including:
• Streamlining day-to-day tasks
• Ability to easily access and share data
• Ability to collaborate on one platform
• Significantly improving worker productivity

As a result of implementing these Microsoft productivity technologies, XLVets have been able to successfully train over 1,400 members with a total of 4,600 hours of training days in 2020. With over 871 member companies, the implementation of the intranet has been pivotal in allowing the effective sharing of information and collaboration between members on a daily basis.

“Using Microsoft Office 365 Platform has enabled XLVets to offer a great user experience for our members and has greatly increased our efficiencies across multiple areas. Working with an experienced partner like Codec greatly helped the smooth implementation of these technologies”
Mike Curran, General Manager Ireland, XLVets