Codec Case Study


Case Study

The primary goal was to reduce the number of printers while providing an improved service to the staff. Rather than having 3 different devices for printing, faxing and copying, Codec recommended a standard all-in-one device.

Company: Meteor
Industry: Telecommunication
Country: Ireland
Employees: 1600+

Solution Featured

The Challenge

The primary goal was to reduce the number of printers while providing an improved service to the staff. Rather than having 3 different devices for printing, faxing and copying, Codec recommended a standard all-in-one device.

The solution implemented was a combination of HP Laserjet 9000 MFP’s and HP Laserjet 4100 MFP’s, with most of these devices incorporating analogue fax cards.

This solution provided Meteor with printing, faxing and copying in a single device, and was implemented not only in Meteor’s head office but also in all 11 shops and regional offices throughout the country.

The Codec solution allowed Meteor Mobile to retire their existing fax machines and photocopiers, saving money by reducing bills (one device drawing power instead of three), reducing the variety of consumables needed, using less floor space and simplifying support and maintenance. In the event of a device being unavailable for any reason, the standardisation means users can simply select an alternative device convenient to them.

The number of key stations was reduced for placement of these devices as each chosen station now had to accommodate a single device. In addition, the number of output devices was reduced from 74 to 41.


In February 2001, a new mobile phone service entered the Irish market and made an immediate impact by offering very competitive alternative to the two existing services. Meteor Mobile Communications offer simple, effective and hassle-free communications for people on the move.

Meteor is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Eircom Group plc and has enjoyed unprecedented growth with more than one million customers on its network and almost 20% market share (30 September 2009)

There is a really good ethos and spirit within the organisation and Meteor was recently officially declared to be one of the 50 Best Companies to Work for in Ireland*

Meteor Mobile Communications grew so quickly that they acquired too many printers, from too many suppliers, with too many service agreements and too many different consumables.

These output devices, mostly printers, were supplied by different manufacturers and each had its own different support requirement. To complicate the situation further, Meteor was also supplied with different models of devices from the same manufacturer. This presented the Meteor team with operational, support and financial headaches as the support team had to deal with a diverse range of devices, each with their own drivers, setup, cables and operational challenges. The operational costs were difficult to control and manage because each device required different consumables, support contracts and resource training.

The Solution

To improve the situation, Meteor decided to conduct an internal audit to get complete visibility. The audit highlighted the following problems:

  • While there were over 74 devices throughout the organisation, some departments had too many printers and some did not have enough
  • Valuable IT support time was spent responding to helpdesk calls relating to minor issues for simple printer problems, many of which would have not occurred had there been a standard device throughout the organisation.
  • The purchasing department was spending considerably more time and money than was necessary sourcing and purchasing the different consumables required for the different devices.

By implementing a preventative maintenance support contract, an engineer from Codec is on site every two weeks to monitor and manage the system, checking for further cost and resource saving efficiencies.

Using HP’s Web Jetadmin software solution, this printing environment is also monitored remotely from Codec offices. All of the devices have been set up and configured to automatically contact Codec helpdesk directly with any errors that might occur. In fact, using this system, Codec engineered has often visited Meteor and resolved problems before Meteor staff were aware there was a problem at all.

The Results

By deploying a Managed Print Service infrastructure from Codec, Meteor has made significant savings in both time and money, including:

  • Improved uptime and dramatically reduced unplanned printing outages
  • No more service pack and patch installations
  • A reduction in time spent on printing-related maintenance and helpdesk calls
  • Centralised procurement of consumables meaning less suppliers and improved costs
  • A significant improvement in user productivity
  • A reduction in the paper and energy costs

“The fact that Codec can spot a problem within our printing network, sometimes even before we know about it ourselves, and then fix that problem is outstanding. That’s what makes a good technology partner worth their weight in gold”
Paul Kirwan, IT Infrastructure Manager, Meteor Mobile Communications