Chatbots Emerge – Digital Transformation and AI

Published by: Mairead Browne
Published date: 9th Sep 2018

(Abstract: This article originally appeared in the Sunday Business Post on September 1, 2018)

Codec Dynamics 365 Practice Lead Shane Lilly features in the September edition of Connected, where he talks to Quinton O’Reilly about what AI means for Irish businesses and Codec’s research into the use of AI in Irish call centres in association with Microsoft and the Contact Centre Management Association of Ireland (CCMA).

“There’s a lot of talk today about robots and developing AI, disrupting the whole established workforce in the future,” said Lilly. “How quickly that future comes is hard to say, but digital technology and digital transformation will be the prime catalyst for any kind of change.

“Even ten years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for you to physically go into the office to gain access to the company’s systems, information and interact with people. Now it’s all virtual so you can do it from anywhere.”

Within any digital transformation project, the focus is usually on making the experience better and more efficient for the end user. Another part of the digital transformation experience that can benefit employees is how flexible it can make jobs and roles. For Shane Lilly, of Codec, this can help different personality types engage better in the workplace.

“[In] my own experiences, I work with a large team and you get a mix of people,” he said. “Most contemporary offices are now suited to open plan, which does naturally suit a more extroverted personality, but you will have introverts there too.

“Giving them the freedom to work even a few days at home really opens up that possibility where they can feel more comfortable, more productive and happy in their jobs as well.”

One of the main discussions emerging is the use of AI. The technology is experiencing a second wind, appearing in many different products. In the case of Codec — which is focusing on this area with the Customer Contact Management Association by holding an event on it this month — Lilly said that when AI becomes the dominant force, digital transformation will be at the centre of it.

“One area that will benefit from a thriving AI landscape is chatbots, newer and more creative uses are being found for them. Codec is conducting research into the use of AI in Irish Call Centres in association with Microsoft and the Contact Centre Management Association of Ireland (CCMA) the results of which will be made available later this month. The research will establish the business impact of AI on Customer Experience and how many companies are currently using AI technologies in their call centres”.

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