Why Cloud Computing is Hot these Days

Why Cloud Computing is Hot these Days

Published by: Blandine Faure
Published date: 22nd Jul 2013
Categories: Blog

What is cloud computing?

It is the conjoined networking of computer devices under the same system so that employees can work together in unison and management can oversee entire operations. All files, records and data can be accessed by each relevant staff member without having to go through ordinary chains of communications. Cloud computing features characteristics such as on-demand self-service, broad network areas, resource pooling and rapid elasticity. The advantages of implementing such a system are numerous.

  • Financial Impact: Cloud computing has the ability to save your company money by reducing operation costs through the removal of servers, IT support staff and maintenance expenditure that would otherwise be there.
  • Flexibility: Most companies are constantly expanding into new ventures that will see their staff count grow along with their bank balance. Cloud computing would ensure that no matter how big your business becomes it will work in unison to continuously provide the same results. This can be done simply through extra servers and more user files.
  • Storage Space: In developing the previous benefit further there is also continuous amounts of storage available that does not require the purchase of extra ram drives or deletion of existing files in order to make room.
  • Self-efficiency: Cloud computing will constantly update your software without manual use making it convenient for an office environment. It will also inform the user of the latest hardware available for your device.
  • Access: Users are given permission to access various areas of the company which include files, information and applications. They can also do this anywhere at any time with mobile business. This enables users to access important data on compatible devices such as phones and laptops meaning a reduction in time costs and increase in efficiency.
  • Disaster recovery: There is no need to worry about loss of data as everything is internally stored and backed up so that if the device is stolen or broken the data will still be extractable.  The security in place through cloud computing also offers peace of mind to users that their files are safe.
  • Environment: Cloud computing works to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by not using as much energy as would be required in regular non-conjoined systems. This will also give your company a positive reputation and help attract new investors and business partners.

New Trends

Cloud computing’s ability to deal with big data has become a recent popular aspect with many large companies as it brings BI elements to their organisation. New tools being released by cloud offer solutions for large amounts of information to be analysed with ease and made concise so that businesses do not have to deal with data congestion on their systems.

BYOD (Bring your own devices) is another successful element that has gained positive feedback from cloud computing users but it has had a negative impact on IT staff who see it as a way around the information technology policies implemented within an organisation. They are now going to make specific security policies to ensure data safety on these mobile devices and work with the BYOD aspect so that they get more out of its existence.

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