Cloud tech driving mobility in workplaces across Ireland

Cloud tech driving mobility in workplaces across Ireland

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 10th May 2018
Categories: Mobility

The well-established trend for companies to access applications, storage and processing power in the cloud is a direct driver of the twin trend of mobile working.

(Note: This news item is a summary of an article published in the Sunday Business Post on May 6, 2018)

That’s the observation of Brian Smyth (pictured), cloud platform practice lead with Codec Ireland. Cloud-hosted applications can be accessed from anywhere, using a wide variety of devices, and once the infrastructure is in place there are few cost barriers to offering access.

“A person can be anywhere, logged into Office 365 or another cloud-deployed platform, and can work happily away with their location effectively irrelevant. Sometimes there is a need to be in the office, to meet new customers or attend meetings, but in 2018 your workplace is effectively just a desk and a chair,” said Smyth. “The technology to make this happen has gotten cheaper and cheaper. Replicating an office workstation in someone’s house used to be prohibitively expensive – now you can do it with a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.”

Smyth practises what he preaches about mobility, often working with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet. It costs under €1,000 and it goes with him everywhere.

“I use a dock that connects it to a screen. I have a headset for taking calls and use Skype for Business, a cloud-based PBX and I’m fully contactable. This is a level of freedom that customers have always wanted. The cloud enables it to work seamlessly, but it’s not a new ambition,” he said.

“I think we really saw it start with the widespread availability of email capability on phones. Everybody is always available, and it’s not uncommon for people to still be fielding work emails out of hours, for better or worse. It’s up to each company to place the limits it feels are reasonable on what is expected of people.”

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