Codec Microsoft Event: How Dynamics CRM can change your working day forever

Codec Microsoft Event: How Dynamics CRM can change your working day forever

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 29th Nov 2017

Speaking at Codec’s annual Microsoft event this November at the RDS, Sales Solutions Design and Pipeline Management Team Leader, Ray Neary,  described a day in the life of product specialist Bob, both before and after he started using Dynamics CRM online. With Ray’s kind permission we are going to tell Bob’s story below.

Currently, Bob is not using the online version of Dynamics CRM and he does things the way he has always done them. He receives his leads and referrals via a myriad of different sources from emails, phone calls and online messaging tools, to sticky notes and face to face meetings, so it’s fair to say that lead management is quite a challenge. In fact if Bob is being honest with himself he would admit the process is inconsistent, haphazard and has little or no visibility, as it is not digitized and thus cannot be effectively managed or monitored (When should Bob follow up? When should Bob push a lead elsewhere? When should he cross-sell? When should he arrange a meeting/webinar/demo?)

If management were to ask Bob some of these questions he would frantically flip through his notepad trying to decipher his scrawls as he looked for specific details on a particular lead. Bob uses a similar approach when he meets a customer, he either flips through notes or searches through emails looking for key bits of information. Overall the whole sales and pipeline management process is lacking in detail, clarity and visibility and that’s bad for the organization, bad for the sales process and bad for Bob. So let’s introduce him to the cloud-based version of Dynamics CRM. After all we don’t want to be handing out P45’s in the run-up to Christmas time.

With Dynamics 365 Bob can receive leads and associated lead information digitally. Whether it’s specific tasks or meetings or follow-ups the relationship manager in CRM facilitates this enhanced lead management process. Bob can focus on what he is actually good at – selling the product rather than worrying about spreadsheets and scheduling and finding notes.

The new CRM environment enables Bob to review open leads and add to his “to do” list as required so that the lead data is appropriately contextualized and accessible immediately. He can also gain a consolidated view of the lead from within the CRM so that in an instant he will know everything from what they had for breakfast to their next preferred contact time. Moreover, this lead profiling data is available from multiple systems, a mobility that our on the move hero Bob is very grateful for.

The Sales pipeline tool allows Bob to manage any meetings in a professional and efficient manner, and he can easily find relevant information and add meeting notes on the relevant leads.

And when it comes to the weekly or monthly management meetings the visibility of Bob’s activity is there for all to see. Bob’s boss can view performance charts, related activities, potential opportunities and anything else they may wish to explore inside the new online CRM.

By using the new online Dynamics CRM, instead of getting his P45 this Christmas, Bob is looking at a nice hefty bonus coming his way.

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