Codec Seeking to Raise Awareness of the Possible

Codec Seeking to Raise Awareness of the Possible

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 13th Feb 2018

Commercial Director at Codec, John Roddy is keen to highlight many of the business-boosting new applications and technologies that Irish businesses need to consider.

(Note: This news item is a summary of an article published in the Sunday Business Post’s Connected magazine on February 4, 2018)

“When we talk about ERP, we’re actually talking about an entire operational piece across an organisation. Not just finance,” said Codec’s commercial director John Roddy.

Codec is an Irish full stack solutions consultancy founded in 1985, providing platform IT business solutions including Microsoft ERP and business intelligence. Last year, the company was awarded Microsoft Ireland country partner of the year.

Roddy approaches ERP implementation as a journey of discovery, “building an ERP system won’t take long, but what does take time is making sure that what we build will enhance what the customer does day to day.”

A suite of products contained within one platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is built on a modular structure, which allows customers to implement features like production, CRM and HR one by one.

With a completely integrated range of functions, disparate elements of a business can be linked together and learn from each other’s insights. Cutting-edge options including AI, machine learning and Internet of Things can also be included, allowing the system to ‘learn’ from interactions over time.

“These technologies can seem futuristic, but they’re actually already in use,” said Roddy. “With Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) solutions built in the cloud, they’re able to predict certain patterns and give organisations the ability to react to problems before they actually happen.”

Bots can also come into play here, both as customer service and as an in-house assistant for staff.

Roddy explained, “we use them when new people start at an organisation–they can use the bot to track down certain documentation, or policy, or procedures, and the bot will constantly learn and develop while they speak to it.”

Roddy also noted that, even among Silicon Valley giants, Microsoft is known for its investment in research and development.

“Customers may not want to run artificial intelligence from day one,” Roddy said, “but they’ll also want to know that as their business evolves, their technology will be able to keep up with them. Microsoft put billions into their R&D, and it’s a comfort for the customer to know that their roadmap is backed by a company on that scale.”