Conference Outlines Importance of Digital Infrastructure in Transforming Business

Conference Outlines Importance of Digital Infrastructure in Transforming Business

Published by: Nathan Fulham
Published date: 8th Nov 2017

A major conference at the RDS has outlined how modern businesses are being transformed by fully embracing the power of cloud-based applications and systems.

The conference, hosted by software firm Codec, featured speakers from Microsoft, AIB, Eshopworld and Epic Solutions who outlined the enormous benefits their companies have received from fully integrating cloud-based business solutions into their everyday business practices.

Speaking at the event, Codec’s Commercial Director John Roddy said: ‘’There is really no end to the potential which embracing cloud systems can have for businesses. They allow companies to massively reduce costs and hugely increase their accessibility, flexibility and security. Businesses can now receive tailor-made software solutions which can streamline every single aspect of their company’s operations. To put it simply, their business runs smoother at a lower cost and generates more revenue.’’

In recent years, more and more companies are embracing digital transformation. A recent study carried out by MIT indicated that companies already undergoing their digital transformation reported revenues which are 26% higher than their competitors. The study also showed that digital transformation leads to better customer retention and higher employee engagement.

One of the speakers at the Codec conference was Aisling Curtis, Commercial Director at Microsoft Ireland. She spoke about the need for companies to keep pace with developments in the digital age and Microsoft’s cloud services for businesses: ‘’The world we live in today is extremely fast-paced and companies need to begin their digital transformation in order to keep up with their competitors. Microsoft Azure our integrated cloud services platform, , enables  customer  scalability, security and flexibility. We are helping customers streamline workflows, improve their customer interaction and automate complex and lengthy processes. All of this combines to deliver measurable results for their business.’’