Dynamics xRM - One Solution for all your Business & Relationship Requirements

Dynamics xRM – One Solution for all your Business & Relationship Requirements

Published by: Blandine Faure
Published date: 25th Apr 2014
Categories: Blog CRM

What is Dynamics xRM?
Dynamics xRM is an extension of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software focusing on managing all relationships; not just customer relationships. It is used to integrate and track all aspects of the business such as sales, budgeting, projections, scheduling and reporting. The “x” is a variable, and means “anything” relationship management. In simpler terms; Dynamics xRM is the ability to build any application on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform; and because Microsoft Dynamics CRM sits on the .NET platform, it offers out-of-the-box functionality and Microsoft applications that can be re-purposed to manage these other relationships.

xRM is a strategic approach to building a unified system;  allowing organisations to leverage technology; to create efficiencies and become more profitable by combining your business processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It delivers a solution that empowers an organisation to solve future unknown problems they may face.

Advantages of Dynamics xRM:
Deploying an xRM solution on the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides several advantages such as:

  • Stability: Microsoft Dynamics xRM incorporates the stability of a CRM system on which developers can build LOB applications.
  • Quicker deployments: Software plug-ins expand the functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, thus organisations do not have to build LOB software from scratch. Interfacing with other Microsoft applications (SharePoint, Exchange, Communications Server) are provides a seamless and transparent user experience. Integration to other systems is also much easier, where multiple systems can interface with each other in real time, either pushing or pulling data between systems.
  • Security: Microsoft Dynamics CRM leverages Active Directory allowing users to log in to their desktops, access file share, check their work e-mail on any web platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides additional security features, including security roles for users which limit access to sensitive data, SSL connections for data transfer.
  • Integration: Dynamics xRM connects existing systems to CRM (native integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office suite), freeing data trapped in outdated systems providing powerful workflows, reporting, data modelling, and web services.
  • Usability: The user interface of Microsoft Dynamics xRM is familiar to anyone who uses Microsoft Office applications. A user can access Dynamics xRM through any browser, Microsoft Office Outlook or their smart phone.
  • Scalability:  xRM solution, as well as its applications, can scale to match the needs of any organisation, regardless of size, with the ability to customise and expand depending on future business needs. i.e.: the solution can grow with your business (flexible platform); allowing business analysts to re-configure the solution, reducing costs of developers while rapidly accelerates application delivery.

xRM Improves Your Competitive Edge
In today’s economy, companies that respond to market pressures and opportunities quickly gain a competitive advantage. This is the reason that there has been a push towards platform development. With IT Budgets shrinking, implementing an xRm strategy on the Dynamics CRM platform reduces the cost and complexity of traditional custom made systems by providing an integrated set of server, database, applications and development tools. With pre-built functionality and rapid customisation; xRM systems can significantly enhance your organisation’s competitive readiness.

xRM can be a highly versatile tool for managing any business task that requires tracking (customers, marketing budgets, leads, etc.). With so much functionality built in, and familiar user interfaces, an xRM solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is a practical, and efficient solution for future business success.

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