Your organisation can with SharePoint 2013.

What if you could improve your finance teams budgeting and forecasting efficiency and speed?

Published by: Blandine Faure
Published date: 11th Jul 2014
Categories: SharePoint

With SharePoint 2013 you can search, access and align relevant enterprise, operational, performance and financial data from multiple sources and departments and create advanced visualization charts and dashboards conveying the right information.

Limitations of legacy systems in many enterprises mean only an elite few can create budgets and do forecasts. Plus, these jobs are labour-intensive and error prone, hence done only once a year – making the process inefficient and inconsistent.

With SP2013 it is possible to streamline and standardize the budgeting and forecasting process.

Excel Services, SQL and SharePoint combine to provide rich, real-time business intelligence and reporting services.

Budgeting and forecasting processes can be tied to automated workflows, which allow users to more effectively request budget changes and approve expenditures. This improves consistency and cycle times of the process.

SharePoint allows you to maintain robust audit trails, version control, and user access control on all the budget/forecast information and reporting services, ensuring accuracy of the budgets/forecasts.