New Head of Codec Labs Appointed

Published by: Sinead Woods
Published date: 3rd Sep 2021

Codec are delighted to welcome Damien McCartney as the new Head of our Codec Labs division.

Damien joins Codec from Version 1 where he was principal consultant for 7 years.  Prior to this he was Principal consultant/Solution Architect working across delivery and pre-sales. Damien is also a Business Modern workplace and Integration technical specialist with many years of SI experience delivering .Net, BizTalk and Office 365 solutions for small and enterprise organisations, in Financial, Health, Government and Pan-government organisations within the UK & Eire.

Codec Labs was set up in 2019 to deliver additional value to customers in a quick and cost-effective manner by adding features to solutions already delivered, enhancing original systems and addressing specific customer requirements while minimising customisation and code development.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Dynamics Partner of the Year, Codec have built up extensive knowledge and experience across the Microsoft stack which provides us with the ability to innovate and develop solutions that demonstrate real measurable value for our clients. Our innovation practice is well resourced and draws from expertise across the company to develop initiatives to meet project requirements.

The Codec Labs division has overseen the development of over 15 individual solutions or accelerators that can be used within specific environments.  Some of the more significant of the Codec Labs accelerators developed include:

About Codec Labs

Codec Labs innovation is driven by our consultants based on real world issues and not dreamed up in a dark room by techies. We aim to provide accelerators, features and approaches based on experience and our moto is from Plato – “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention”

To ensure we remain focused on adding value, the innovation process undertaken is a staged qualification process to ensure a feasible return on investment and add measurable value for our clients. Using Codec Labs ensures that the business needs the feature and is not just another “Back to Work App”. The innovation process is about building a team around the entrepreneur to ensure they have technical, QA, Sales, Marketing, Licencing & Legal support around bringing an idea to market. Codec Labs therefore, is not only for our Codec intrapreneurs, but also offered  to our clients, enabling them with an experienced team to explore new concepts and assess ideas before committing to a full roll out.

More details on Codec Labs as well as details on our accelerators  can be found here