Induction day for 13 new top-class recruits

Welcome to the team!

Published by: Blandine Faure
Published date: 29th Sep 2016
Categories: Company News

It is with great excitement that we welcome another group of top-class recruits to the Codec-dss team!

Mark, John, Agustina, Lucile, Luiz, Dave, Rafael, Anna, Aoife, Martin, Gemma, Brian and Gerry bring invaluable experience and diverse industry expertise and will provide much added value to our existing and future clients.

This follows up on another wave of new hires who joined us in August – in the past 2 months, we have hired 24 new team members in the Microsoft, Oracle EPM and Hardware practices and at group level.

Establishing company culture

Managing the arrival of new team members is no easy task. So having an organised approach to on-board and educate each new employee is key to Codec-dss’s success.

Our most recent group of new hires had their induction day yesterday, where each head of departments presented their team and their role within Codec-dss. The informal session also gave our new hires the opportunity to meet each other and to share a bit about who they are. This introduction is key to establishing the company culture and the importance of each team member to the company.

We wish our new hires all the best of luck in their new career!

At Codec-dss, we provide a dynamic environment for our employees. We recognise the unique passion present in our team across all areas of our business. We encourage our employees to grow within their chosen area of expertise and more importantly to focus on enjoying their work.

If this sounds like a good fit to you, good news: Codec-dss is still hiring! Click here to browse our open roles and fill out an application, or check our LinkedIn page.