Using Data to Understand Your Customers & Uncover Sales Leads
Date: 31/03/2022 Time: 10am
Category: Dynamics 365
The customer journey has changed. Buyers prefer to research and evaluate purchases independently using digital tools. They are also 80% more likely to do business with you if you offer a personalised experience (Epsilion research).

This interactive webinar demonstrates how using Microsoft Business Applications solutions can Activate Digital Selling and help organisations in their sales and marketing processes.
How to use Chatbots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents for the Public Sector
Date: 11/05/2021 Time: 10am
Presenter: John McCormack
Category: Chatbots, Dynamics 365
Modern chatbots have quickly become an important part of building a support service. Chatbots are helping Public Sector Organisations increase productivity, helping reduce 70% of service calls by enabling two-thirds of customers to solve issues on their own through self-service.
View this webinar recording for a comprehensive overview and demonstration of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, the leading AI driven Chatbot built using Microsoft’s Low Code Power Platform.
Making the Move to Dynamics Business Central: All you Need to Know
Date: 06/05/2021 Time: 10am
Presenter: Brendan Doyle
Category: Business Central SaaS, Dynamics 365
View this webinar recording and find out the benefits of transitioning to Dynamics 365 Business Central, how best to make the move and what resources are available in doing so. Hear first hand how other companies are managing the move and what impact it has had on their day to day operations.
How to use Chatbots to Empower your Customer Service Team with the D365 Power Virtual Agent
Date: 22/10/2020 Time: 10am
Presenter: Seamus Flanagan, John McCormack
Category: Chatbots, Dynamics 365, Power Apps
Modern chatbots have quickly become an important part of building a support service. This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Virtual Agent, a 2nd generation, market leading AI driven Chatbot built using a low code Power Platform. View the on-demand webinar to find out more about Windows Power Virtual Agent and how it can be used to empower everyone to easily build intelligent chatbots with no coding required.
Explore Dynamics 365 for Marketing Capabilities
Date: 15/10/2019 Time: 10am
Presenter: Miquel Alves
Category: Dynamics 365
This webinar aimed at senior marketing professionals explored the functionality and capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Marketing. This webinar included a live demonstration of the Dynamics for Marketing App functionality within Dynamics 365.
Bring out the Best in your People with Dynamics 365 for Talent
Date: 22/05/2019 Time: 10am
Presenter: Milda Beinaryte
Category: Business, Dynamics 365
Join Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year, Codec and find out how Dynamics 365 for Talent can impact your organisation across the core functions of your HR department and in particular how to leverage the "out of the box" Linked In integration feature.