Codec provides a flexible, cost-effective, scalable cloud platform

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Whether you are a small company with just a few servers or a large multinational with offices in many locations, public cloud infrastructure is something you should understand.  At Codec we know how to get the most out of Microsoft’s Azure platform.   The idea is simple.  You will never have to wait for servers or infrastructure again and you should not pay for them when you no longer need them.  Let us show you how to instantly provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines.

Our cloud solutions are designed to take advantage of the per-minute billing and we make sure you only pay for what you need.

  • Highly available SQL, SharePoint and Business intelligence solutions in the cloud
  • Take your pick from a full range of open and community solutions from Oracle to MySQL to Drupal and WordPress.
  • Let us show you how to design solutions that scale down outside of business or peak hours.

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2018 Partner of the Year Ireland
Dynamics 365 Partner of the year 2018
Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
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