Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Social customer relationship management (CRM) uses tools to monitor, analyse, and report on the sentiment revealed by mentions of your company’s brand or product in social media networks and in online communities.

Successful selling through social tools relies on connecting with customers on social networks, building strong relationships with these customers and solving problems to build on these relationships.

Social selling makes your sales teams more responsive to your customers and allows your organisation deliver a better, faster experience.

Knowing what your customers like and dislike is vital for sustainable profits. Marketing is a huge part of solidifying a positive rapport with new or existing customers, and with CRM software this is made much easier. This can include e-commerce, advertising formats and techniques along with social media management. Furthermore, all existing customers will have their preferences and previous sales recorded onto a database which can be manipulated into presentable reports; of which can be analysed by management and marketing staff.

An active network is a powerful network. Launch your network and drive engagement – so you can maximize business value and reputation.

Collaborate and communicate with Yammer
Yammer gives colleagues at your organisation a central place to have conversations, create and edit documents, and share information without sending a single email or attending any meetings.

After you set up your organization to work with Yammer, employees will see posts in a newsfeed on their Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboard whenever people update customer info, and they’ll be able to join in the conversation with their own posts.

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