Content and Collaboration

How Codec can empower your business with Content and Collaboration:

Transform business processes

From workflows to notifications, Microsoft’s range of Content and Collaboration Apps like Slack, SalesForce, OneDrive, and Dropbox means you have a solution for any process.

Seamless collaboration

Teamwork is always better when members feel empowered. Through dynamic tools and services, every team, department and division can streamline their work to get faster and better results.

Cover your entire business

With services like SharePoint Custom Development, Big Data, CRM, Business Intelligence and Development Services, it can touch upon every part of your business.

Keep informed

With the ability to share common resources and applications in the one place, you can keep your team on top of developments while bringing new members up to speed quickly.

Harness collective knowledge

With powerful search functions, it’s easier to find new information, expertise and insights to help inform or shape decisions.