Dynamics 365 for Data Protection

Dynamics 365 for Data Protection is the ideal solution for privacy management in your organisation, designed to be GDPR compliant and developed based on Microsoft technology.

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Need help with GDPR? We have the knowledge, experience and the technology to help your organisation achieve compliance.

GDPR and Microsoft Dynamics 365 have a lot in common as both are about building deeper trust and loyalty with new and existing customers through the professional and secure handling of personal customer data. However, meeting GDPR compliance can be extremely challenging and represent a significant investment to most companies. This is where Dynamics 365 for Data Protection comes to help.

What is included?

Data Anonymisation

Configure and execute processes to anonymise or delete data that is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Data Portability

Enables companies with the ability to provide customers with a copy of their personal data kept by the company. Data can be exported in XML and JSON formats.

Data Breaches

Store, monitor, document and handle data breaches by automating responses and notifying the responsible within the defined 72 hours interval.

And much more!

Consent Management, Register of Processing, Risk Management, Privacy Impact Assessments and comprehensive reporting.