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Oracle Endeca

What is Oracle Endeca?

The nature of data has changed in the past decade with the explosion of social media, the internet savvy business culture and the smart phone revolution. Look at the way Google and Amazon have leveraged on the data they obtain from their users search and web behaviour; using predictive analytics; to increase the value of their search return.

Better Business Intelligence = Better targeted advertising.

To remain relevant in the market and to stay ahead of competition, organisations need to extend their existing Business Intelligence investment to encompass all sources of data through data discovery.

Data Discovery offers exploration across a variety of data formats to provide business users with extensive new visibility into business performance.

  • The most difficult problem with this is the large variety of data, and its uncertain value – quantifying data from all types of sources, languages in all types of formats.
  • How will compliance laws and regulations handle big data?
  • Data Silos: No communication or collaboration of big data initiatives across the entire enterprise bringing analytical capabilities to much broader class of people who are not specialists.

To help you overcome these challenges, while also getting the biggest bang for Business Intelligence, Codec offers big data solutions and services using technologies from Oracle. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery provide a complete, integrated solution for superior structured and unstructured data analysis, all delivered on engineered systems optimised for performance and low total cost of ownership.

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