Information Discovery for Business Intelligence

Oracle Endeca


This unique platform leverages existing enterprise investment offering fast, intuitive access to both traditional analytic data and non-traditional unstructured data, providing faster time to value and extreme performance and scalability to meet a complex business and IT challenge.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is an enterprise data discovery platform that allows for advanced exploration and analysis of complex and varied data. Data is loaded and stored in a faceted data model that supports changing data. This data is made available for search, discovery and analysis using interactive and configurable applications; without direct IT involvement, saving time and costs.

What Oracle Endeca can do for you?

  • Self-service data mash-up: Business users can upload, slice and combine structured and unstructured data delivering agile discovery with real time live data enrichment.
  • Enterprise Class Data Discovery: Identifying causes behind issues, events and exceptions in standard business processes, with added context from unstructured data-sources.
  • Fast time to value due to no up-front modelling: Oracle Endeca is an agile, data-driven approach where BI professionals will actually want to use, leading to higher adoption rates and lower training costs.
  • Enhanced integration with Oracle BI; where users can incorporate information from BI warehouses; leveraging the dimensions of Oracle’s Enterprise Model where users are better able to find and reuse information assets, eliminating the costs of re-creating these assets.
  • Analyse web content through Endeca Web Acquisition Toolkit: through an agile, graphical interface, developers can access and integrate information through a web front-end; allowing for deeper insight into the business and the opportunity for greater efficiency in the Business/IT relationship; creating new products and services through a better understanding of the market.

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