Big data solutions using technologies from HP, Microsoft and Oracle

Scaling your Datawarehouse

Codec offers big data solutions and services using technologies from HP, Microsoft and Oracle.
PDW from HP and Microsoft

What is PDW?

Hadoop Integration

What is Hadoop Integration?

Pre-built Data Modelling

What are Data Models?

Exa Big Data App

Want to simplify your IT?

Gartner states that “by 2015, organisations integrating high-value, diverse, new information types and sources in a coherent information management infrastructure will outperform their industry peers financially by more than 20%.”*
But to get the full value of your corporate data, you must consider:

  • Limitations of your current architectures: Legacy systems such as SMP do not scale well, and large data volumes and requests expose their lack of computing power—resulting in poor performance and unsatisfied business users.
  • Costs: The need to innovate, acquisition costs, and the requirements of a modern data warehouse (e.g., the ability to cost effectively scale when necessary) can come with a prohibitively high price tag—as well as a significant learning curve and long retraining and integration efforts.
  • Business intelligence (BI): Different types of workers use different BI and analytics tools. To enable all workers to gain the insights they need to do their jobs, you need a data warehouse solution with built-in, familiar, easy-to-use BI and analytics versus adding on complex third-party tools.

To help you overcome these challenges, while also getting the biggest bang for your data management buck, Codec offers big data solutions and services using technologies from HP, Microsoft and Oracle including;

  • HP AppSystem for PDW from HP and Microsoft
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Pre-built Data modelling
  • Oracle Exadata App
  • Oracle Endeca

Built upon relational database technology using schemas and integrating Business Intelligence (BI) tools, the major differences in this architecture are:

  • Data warehouse performance
  • Integrated data that provides business value
  • Interactive BI tools for end users

Codec and Parallel Datawarehousing (PDW)

Codec is the only HP and Microsoft Frontline Partner in Ireland. Our project delivery team is the best in the business with very strong references and expertise in a number of industry verticals. We know the ropes better than anyone and we can help you learn them.

Our credentials are second to none and include:

  • HP and Microsoft Frontline Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • HP Preferred Gold Partner

If you need more information on our Datawarehouse Solutions or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email or call us on 01 603 4300.



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