Hadoop Integration

Hadoop Integration

Hadoop is the result of new developments in compute and storage technologies. It provides a layer of software that spans the entire grid (using commodity hardware as a foundation) turning it into a single system. Hadoop is the repository and refinery for raw data as well as a powerful, economical and active archive. However, it is only one piece of the overall big data landscape. Because of this, it is important to consider Hadoop within the framework of a complete big data strategy.

Benefits of Hadoop Integration:

  • Hadoop it is a very cost-effective technology for staging high volumes of raw data, (structured and unstructured), which can then be prepared for analytics.
  • Hadoop integration can help your organisation avoid costly upgrades of existing databases and data warehouse appliances when their capacity is being used up too quickly with raw, unused data and extract-load-transform processing.

However, unless Hadoop is integrated with the rest of the data management infrastructure, it is an additional bulk of data adding complexity to your enterprise IT environment.

HP AppSystem for Apache™ Hadoop® is a highly scalable, enterprise-ready platform that provides fast time to value. It is factory assembled and configured for use on arrival instead of taking weeks to assemble in-house.

Designed for the enterprise customers, HP AppSystem for Apache Hadoop integrates proven HP offerings with Cloudera Enterprise Core to deliver an enterprise grade Hadoop platform that can scale seamlessly.

Simplified Deployment and Management of Apache Hadoop Platform

  • Seamless management of the entire platform, infrastructure, Hadoop software and data.
  • Pre-engineered to optimize cost-performance of the AppSystem.
  • Simple expansion with the “plug & go” expansion racks.

Skills integration is even more important in Hadoop integration as Hadoop projects required specialist skills in programming languages such as MapReduce, Hive, and Pig. Codec consultants have the knowledge and experience to simplify this process for you – where we can offer both Cloudera Administrator Training and Cloudera Developer Training which will prepare students for their respective exams.

If you need more information on our Hadoop Integration Solutions, Training or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email info@www.codec.ie or call us on 01 603 4300.



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