Codec-dss and Data Modelling

Pre-Built Data Modelling

Pre-built Data Modelling:

Data models support data and systems by providing a single definition and format for data applications required to exchange and integrate data.

Common problems associated with data modelling include the following:

  • Insufficient data modelling standards: Data Model characteristics depend on its purpose; where something could be appropriate in the context of an application data model, but not in the context of an enterprise or integration data model. It is important to extract portions of the information suitable for a particular purpose; exchange data between organisations and systems with the ability to share the same data between applications but with different user views and data structures; and have the ability to integrate information from different sources
  • Repeated re-development of the same system: where small changes to a system cause major rework in the system or interfaces. This problem relates to the restrictions and inflexibility of the original data model and commonly leads to the redevelopment of the “same” data model which significantly increase cost.

However, systems often cost more than they should to build, operate and maintain.

Codec can help you reduce the cost of your systems while also lowering risks related to inaccuracies in your data. Leveraging pre-built analytics systems, your organisation can realise business value quicker due to its fast deployment time and significant reduction in IT costs.

Codec and Data Modelling

Based on your company’s specific data requirements, Codec is able to architect solutions by identifying gaps in pre-built models and tailoring these data models and reports to address your requirements.

By combining Codec’ industry expertise with Oracle solutions, Business Intelligence and our significant knowledge of data integration, we can help you achieve immediate business value while setting you up for long-term sustainability.

Codec can apply the power of the Oracle EPM stack to proven data models, reporting practices and insights. Oracle Business Intelligence offers pre-built data models through pre-defined dashboards which can cut across all areas of you organisation (sales, operations, finance) based on industry or functional best practices.

We can offer you the power to connect to an Essbase cube, do your analysis, import a graph from OBIEE, or a balance sheet from Financial Reporting, and place both side by side for a streamlined reporting environment. Because the data models and reports are pre-built, integration into your existing processes is quick and easy providing customised, statutory compliant financial, operational and management reporting to deliver the most value to your business.

If you need more information on our Pre-Built Data Modelling Solution or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to email or call us on 01 603 4300.



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