Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service

Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service

The Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud puts you in control and keeps everything connected. Whether you are in corporate FP & A, sales, marketing, HR, or operations, everyone wins with the simplicity of the cloud.

Best Practice Planning Out-of-the-Box Get up and running quickly with planning “frameworks” that include prebuilt calculations, dashboards, and reports. Tailor the planning processes to your unique requirements with a few simple clicks, while still being upgraded automatically by Oracle.

Align the EnterpriseLeverage the power of the enterprise by connecting related planning processes while maintaining the independence to truly own your planning processes.

Simple to Use- Use planning wizards to make it as easy as 1-2-3 to configure and maintain you’re planning processes, keeping you in control of your planning process.

Unmatched Modelling and ScalabilityPlan, analyse, and discover at a level of detail that scales to meet the rigorous demands of your business. Advanced configuration can tackle even the most complex planning processes.

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is a perfect fit for both corporate finance as well as operational planners throughout the enterprise. It empowers operational planners with flexibility, scalability and the ownership to plan the way they want, while still offering the transparency and control required for corporate finance.

Key Business Benefits

  • Best practices out-of-the-box to get you up and running in no time
  • A configurable, upgradable planning framework allows you to tailor the planning solution to your specific requirements
  • Easy to use. Easy to maintain.
  • Scalability to address both operational and finance planning processes • Intuitive business wizards allow you to evolve your planning processes as your business changes
  • Powerful analytics, dashboards, what if, and predictive capabilities give you unparalleled insight into your business
  • No capex infrastructure investments required in the cloud

Business Processes

The Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud includes four business process frameworks that can be used to address your planning needs. The business process frameworks can be used by both finance and operational planners. They can also be used in their entirety or mashed-up with configured processes to quickly deliver value to your planning.

  • Financials – The ‘Financials’ framework is a fully integrated financial statement planning solution across the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. For example, the integration ensures that changes on the income statement automatically roll to the balance sheet and cash flow. Importantly, the ‘Financials’ framework is constructed into four sub-process that can be incrementally enabled: Revenue, Expense, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. This allows you to use a single sub-process – such as Expense planning – or any combination of the sub-processes in the framework.
  • Workforce – The ‘Workforce’ framework addresses your planning needs related to employees across the enterprise. In most enterprises, the workforce is one of the larger expenses on the income statement. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the workforce is crucial in ensuring the enterprise meets its strategic objectives. Therefore, it’s a crucial planning process. This framework addresses the needs of both Finance and HR. It addresses compensation spend by employee and/or job code as well as Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) for HR-based skills and competency planning.
  • Projects – The ‘Projects’ framework is a planning pattern that is suitable for numerous uses. Project-oriented industries will benefit from the detailed project financial planning process that allows for granular planning for employees, contractors, materials, and costs associated with large scale projects. The project framework is also well-suit for project-oriented departments in any enterprise (e.g. IT, Marketing, R&D, etc) that need a more streamlined approach to planning projects.
  • Capital – The ‘Capital’ framework addresses planning needs associated with new and existing assets, as well as intangibles. The process accounts for long-range asset related impacts across the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. The ‘Capital’ framework is very appropriate for enterprises that have significant capital assets.


Align Enterprise Planning Processes

The Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud helps you to accomplish this through a unique ‘federated’ architecture. The architecture allows you to connect and align related planning processes across the enterprise while still maintaining the independence for the individual planners. The architecture is based on two fundamental principles


  1. Operational independence — For operational planners to be successful, they need ‘ownership’ of their planning processes. First, they need to plan at an operational level of detail (e.g. a level of detail not typically required by finance). This could be different planning dimensionality or a more granular level of data. The federated architecture has unparalleled scalability to address detailed planning. The system has a unique way of dealing with sparse data and in-memory calculations to easily handle volumes of data required for operational planning. Furthermore, operational planners need the ability to own and operate their planning system without heavy reliance on system administrators at corporate finance. This is where the value of the configuration wizards comes into play. These allow operational planners to take ownership for the maintenance and administration of the system.

2. Synergy between plans – Where possible the plans must be connected to create synergy and alignment. For example, the various operational plans (e.g. sales and marketing, supply chain, HR, IT, etc) need to be connected to corporate finance in a manner that ensures strong controls and governance. The solution’s federated architecture has the ability to share data and process between plans where appropriate – thereby allowing synergy and collaboration between planners.

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