Victims and Survivors Case Study

Victims and Survivors Case Study

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Contact: Annette Murphy


Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) deliver grant funding and support to victims and survivors of the Conflict/Troubles, on behalf of The Executive Office.
They assist all victims and survivors identified in the Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 and provide support to those who have been affected by the Conflict/Troubles through physical or psychological injury; those who care for people who have been injured in this way and those who have been bereaved.

The Challenge:

Victims and Survivors Service were operating out of date systems that were unable to manage the data associated with the multiple organisations, 12,000+ individuals and 9,000+ clients they interact with daily.
Victims and Survivors Service required a system that could consistently and efficiently handle this volume of data in a changing public sector environment.  A custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation was the clear solution.


The Solution:

Codec engaged with Victims and Survivors Service to develop a clear project path – from the first steps through to post-project support.  The final goal was to transform the files, spreadsheets and legacy system information into a single platform where consolidated information was available when required.
Dynamics 365 provides stability and customisability giving VSS access to a permanent system where:
• users can access required data,
• external users can submit and access information, and
• staff can be confident that information is reliable, up to date and secure.
The solution consists a of an on-premise custom Dynamics environment, accessible to users via two separate and distinct Grant Award Management Applications – the Victims Support Program (VSP) and the Individual Needs Program (INP).
It was also essential for external users to be able to log in, view and submit claim information relating to their organisation.  This was achieved by a web facing portal, which can be directly integrated with Dynamics 365.
The new implementation was also integrated with the VSS’s existing accounting software.
The Business Benefit
Dynamics 365 lies at the heart of this Grant Management solution and VSS users, clients and staff now benefit from a more user friendly, reliable system that is helping to drive efficiencies and increase productivity.   Other benefits include:
• Centralisation of data: the new system serves as a central point of reference for all data in VSS’s system.  External user interactions through the portal are connected to user operations via the custom apps.   Data is consolidated in a single place as opposed to unstructured files and spreadsheets.
• Integration of systems: Dynamics 365 integrates effectively with existing systems and infrastructure like Active Directory (AD), database services and the existing accounting software solution, Sage 50.